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Baked Bean Crown Roast
submitted by Patricia

"I live in Florida -- one would expect the land of milk and honey. However, I have a well and a septic tank and no pool! This was a special treat when we lived "up north" and the power would go off during a blizzard. Here is yet another recipe to add to your list:"

2 cans of baked beans -- your choice of brand -- drained (reserve liquid just in case)
catsup (to taste)
mustard (to taste)
dried onion (to taste)
brown sugar (to taste)
bacon chips (either canned or fresh)
2 cans Vienna sausages or 1 package of hot dogs (if available)

 In large skilled prepare beans to taste.  Since tastes vary, I would suggest you "experiment" prior to any problems with the exact amounts of condiments. Basically, prepare the beans for your family's taste.  When ready, stand up the Vienna sausages or hot dogs cut in half, around the edges of the pan. Bake in either a Dutch oven or on the grill (with the lid shut) until hot and the ends of the sausages are brown.

Sally's comments: I just had to print this recipe. Who could resist the name?

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Copyright ©  Sally Strackbein
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