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Beef Biscuit
by Sally Strackbein

2 T oil
1 medium onion or equivalent dry onion
1 12oz. can
Hormel Roast Beef
1 can mixed vegetables
1 can vegetables of choice
1 can beef gravy or
(1 bullion cube, 1 cup water mixed with 2 T corn starch)

1 recipe biscuits (use skillet biscuit recipe or mix)

Prepare biscuit recipe and set aside. Sauté onion in oil. Add beef, breaking up chunks. Add vegetables and gravy. Bring to boil. Shape biscuits by spooning golf ball size ball and flattening in your hand. Place on top of beef mixture. Cover and cook for about 15 minutes or until biscuits are done.

Serves 4

  Copyright © Sally Strackbein


Copyright ©  Sally Strackbein
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