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Gin's Tuna-Mac
submitted by Ginevra

"A staple in my emergency stash is the box of macaroni and cheese with the powdered cheese sauce. These are very inexpensive if you buy the store brand, often you can get two or three of them for a dollar. These, and many other powdered sauces can be made without the margarine or butter and using reconstituted powdered milk. If you have trouble getting the powder to dissolve try adding a small amount of vegetable oil or other convenient fat.  Do not increase the liquid unless you like it soupy, non-fat milk tends to be watery when prepared according to directions.

"Adding nearly any canned meat will make a satisfying entree.  Adding a compatible vegetable makes a meal. Diced Spam or ham works well, but my favorite is 'Tuna-Mac.'"

1 box macaroni and cheese (7.25 oz.)
1 can of tuna, drained
1/4 cup of milk (usually from non-fat powdered milk)
vegetable oil
one small can of peas, drained (use a regular can if you double this recipe)
salt and pepper to taste.

Cook pasta in water until tender. Drain macaroni, add milk and contents of sauce packet (add just a little oil if you need to in order to dissolve the powder). Mix well.  Add the tuna.

Add the peas, drained, save the liquid if you like.  Save all the liquids left over for your next meal, probably a soup. If you end up with only the 15 oz cans of peas, use half and use the second half in the next meal.  Mix the ingredients well, salt and pepper to taste and serve immediately.

Serves 3-4 persons...it's just a little too much for two adults with big appetites.

Additional suggestions for boxed macaroni and cheese:  "My husband [Ginevra's] often uses the sauce packet to flavor mashed potatoes (from flakes of course) or grits. The pasta can then be used for another recipe."

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Copyright ©  Sally Strackbein
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