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Peas and Carrots Salad
submitted by Athena

"This is actually even better if you use fresh carrots, and use a potato peeler to make lots of little carrot shavings....leave them raw, they taste better; most raw root veggies like potatos and turnips should keep just fine for several months, carrots for a few weeks... one (small) can of sliced water chestnuts."

1 can Green Giant LeSeure little green peas
1 can carrots
salad dressing

"Drain veggies thoroughly, mix in a large bowl and add your favorite salad dressing. I've had a lot of luck with Creamy Italian, Blue Cheese, Ranch, and Pepper Parmesan.

Sally's comments: I was amazed. Canned carrots are very strong tasting, but the salad dressing tames them. I used raspberry vinaigrette.

Be careful if you use water chestnuts. I used some recently and they had such a strong canned taste that I had to through the whole thing away.

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