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Emergency Kitchen Recipe Guidelines

While I hope the worst won't happen, the recipes are based on the assumption that we may not have reliable electricity or natural gas for cooking. We may need to use camp stoves, wood stoves or barbecues. We may have to depend on non-perishable food in our pantries.

    1.All ingredients must be non-perishable

    2.The ingredients must be available in grocery or warehouse stores

    3.Recipes should use liquids in foods where possible (water may be in short supply).

    4.Recipes must be exclusively stove top (no oven, as we may experience power and natural gas shortages making oven baking impossible). Dishes that do not need cooking are encouraged. Keep in mind that baking can be accomplished on top of the stove or in a Dutch Oven.

    5.The recipes should use whole (not partial) cans, as refrigeration for the unused portion may not be reliable.

    6.Try to stick to 1 bowl and 1 pan (washing facilities may be limited).

    7.Cooking times must be for standard stoves (we will all need to adjust for whatever cooking surface we have).

    8.Cooking times should be 1/2 hour or less.

    9.Do not send any recipe you got from a book, magazine or any other published source. Send only original recipes.

My family tests all recipes. Their faces are my quality control department. Only those dishes that actually are eaten by them are used. I produced a bunch that didn't get eaten. (I tried them first.)

If you want me to use your recipe, please include your permission for me to publish it.

I would love to give you credit for your creation. If you would like me to publish your name, please include your permission and let me know if you want me to show your city, state or country. I will keep your full name confidential if you do not say otherwise. I will use only your first name.



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